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FIRST POST About Me :)

Welcome to my Blog!

The first post is usually always nerve racking. Anyway, welcome to my page. Here I will be taking you on a journey that will hopefully take us on a ride through Scrum, Agile, Biotech, and Science. As an entrepreneur, I am focussing on two key efforts:

  1. How to implement agile methodologies in biotech?
  2. How to modernize the biotech recruiting space with data driven efforts?

Currently, I’m working on these by taking a journey of my own. In order for us to answer these questions, I’ve been learning and observing through other domains, hence why I am taking a break from Biotech momentarily. I am very passionate about what I do and hope that reaching out will help me in achieving my dream and together we can deliver HQS (High Quality Science) in the near future.

In the coming weeks, I will be explicitly blogging about what problems exist and really outlining my preliminary information I have compiled in regards to these two questions.

Aside from the side work and research I do, my main profession is being a servant leader to teams by performing the role of an Scrum Master. I love to work with teams and I LOVE SCRUM!!! (For those who don’t know what Scrum is visit What Is Scrum?)

I was introduced to agile methods very early on in my career and what made me so passionate about this Scrum was the idea of empowering a team! That is what I love to do and want to continue doing moving forward. Many think Scrum is only applied in the Software Development world but it can be applied anywhere! Some may think it looks very simple but what makes it challenging is implementing this idea/framework in various organizations. (I will get into this in more detail in a future blog post). I welcome you and hope to share and spread my passion with you all. Together lets make this world AGILE!

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