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EMBA Trip Part 2: Spain

Hello Everyone! Late blog post but, here is the second part of the video for our trip. Hope you enjoy! Keep Traveling and Learning! Spain is beautiful and really enjoyed every bit of the trip. ...


EMBA Trip Part 1: Morocco

Hello Everyone! First off apologies, I know I mentioned I would blog while on the trip, but due to the busy schedule I am giving an entire overview at once so you don't have to wait. So I decided to compile everything into a video. Enjoy! Keep Traveling...


Kickoff International EMBA trip VCU 2019

  Sorry and apologies, but I am back to blogging. I have changed my blog site to now include all categories for my blogs. Another website is currently under re-construction, but for now, I advise all of you to follow me here :) This blog is to...


Bioscrum: Ecosystem Part II

[caption id="attachment_909" align="aligncenter" width="480"] "BioScrum Ecosystem Part II"[/caption] Introduction: Last week we introduced the basic idea of an BioScrum Ecosystem. In this post we will be discussing team dynamics and team alignment strategies and how they are essential components of the BioScrum Ecosystem. As discussed previously, just like we...


BioScrum: The Ecosystem Part 1

[caption id="attachment_844" align="aligncenter" width="413"] "BioScrum Ecosystem"[/caption] Introduction: An ecosystem in science is a community of living and nonliving organisms that interact with each other and their environment. It is important to have an ecosystem that is healthy and reliable. Hence, going back to my first BioScrum post...


Natural Agility

[caption id="attachment_636" align="alignnone" width="4032"] "Natural Agility" - Switzerland[/caption] Natural Agility – Trip to Switzerland Introduction: To those who are following my blog, sorry in advance for not posting last week. I am trying my best to post every Wednesday, however last week due to travels, I was not able...


BioScrum: Planting the Seeds

[caption id="attachment_473" align="aligncenter" width="4608"] "Planting the Seeds"[/caption] Introduction First off, I would like to thank you all for visiting and helping me move this journey forward. I have received so many responses since my first post and I feel really humbled for all the support for #bringingagilitytoscience. In today's...


The Agile Gauge

Introduction In my last blog, we talked about turning on the Agile Switch. In this blog, I will highlight what type of mindset is needed in order to keep the agile gauge at a hundred percent or at least an effort to take it to a...


The Agile Switch

Introduction As promised in my last post, I wanted to blog more about some of my observations of Agile methods applied particularly in the Biotech Industry. The first question I ask myself is what drives an organization to make the first attempt in switching to Agile? In...